We are a team of passionate innovators closely connected to entrepreneurs, start-ups, industry players, funders and academics around the world. Our mission is to help our stakeholders to exploit the exciting innovation opportunities brought by the digital revolution.


  • Nicolas Steiner
  • Paul Loeffler
  • Alexandru Iosef


  • Francois Gardin
  • Lucie Erzgraeber
  • Nicolas Dupuis
  • Peter Henry

Four Pillars as Foundation of the I4E Lab

I4E brings together a unique combination of parties to provide entrepreneurial mindset, innovative learnings, prototyping and delivery environment.


Develop your Mind and Innovation Skills

The I4E works with academic institutions around the world to enhance the attendee’s global network and international learning experience.

Together, we offer education and research in markets, industry trends and technology to prepare entrepreneurial leaders for this fast-paced and interconnected digital age.


  • Courses in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Fintech immersion programs, internships, business trips to Innovation centers in London, Singapore, Zurich and Crypto Valley
  • Tailored study and research in innovation and entrepreneurship

Co-Creation & Prototyping

with The Lab run by

What we do:

  • Crypto-Finance
  • Blockchain and DLT
  • Digital Identity & Security
  • Data Analytic & AI
  • Open Innovation & API

Results proven in:

  • Telecommunication
  • Financial Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Government security services
  • IT Research & Development
  • Academics

Who we are:

  • Core team of 10
  • Extended team of 20+
  • Senior Experts
  • Based in London and Bucharest

Working alongside:

The Lab

Solving Real Business Problems

The I4E Lab unites the skills and strengths of startups and corporates alike. This execution, fail fast-oriented, educational environment allows for the maturation and testing of innovative solutions and creation of new value chains. Or killing off a dead end.